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Absolutely NO WOOD FROM CLEARCUTS. The owner of Spectrum Hardwoods comes from a family of Tree Doctors and specializes in Woodland Restoration.

The most magnificent display of color in all the kingdom of plants is the autumnal foliage of the trees of North America. Over them all, over the clear light of the Aspens and Mountain Ash, over the leaping flames of Sumac and the hell-fire flickerings of poison ivy, over the war-paint of the many Oaks, rise the colors of one tree- the Sugar Maple - in the shout of a great army. Clearest yellow, richest crimson, tumultuous scarlet, or brilliant orange- the foliage of the Sugar Maple at once outdoes and unifies the rest. It is like the mighty, marching melody that rides upon the crest of some symphonic weltering sea and, with its crying song, gives meaning to all the calculated dissonance of the orchestra.

Outside the town, where the cold pure ponds gaze skyward and the white crooked brooks run whispering their sesquipedalian Indian names, the Maple leaves slant drifting down to the water; there they will sink like galleons with painted sails, or spin away and away on voyages of chance that end on some little reef of feldspar and hornblende and winking mica schist. Up in the hills the hunter and his russet setter stride unharmed through these falling tongues of Maple fire, that flicker in the tingling air and leap against the elemental blue of the sky where the wind whispers to all who will listen the secrets of another wondrous season.

- Donald Culross Peattie,
A Natural History of Trees

Once a tree has been sawn down .then one may read its entire story on its surfaces; in the growth rings and scars are written all its battles, all its grief, its diseases, all its luck and prosperity accurately reflected, lean years and opulent ones, attacks overcome, storms weathered, and Springs celebrated.

- Hermann Hesse

"Established, professional, responsible and dedicated purveyors of high-quality FIGURED HARDWOODS."

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